Look We Made the News at 10

12:25 AM

Here's my lazy-girl's secret shortcut to looking sophisticated: wear just one main color with an accent color (in my case, brown/gold/neutrals) and put on some power heels. Done!

You don't even have to stack the bling, since "minimalism is the ultimate sophistication!" I'm not wearing much jewelry... instead I added this huge golden belt for all the glimmer points in the world.

And, don't know if you can tell... but my legs don't look too terribly shabby these days because I'm doing a billion squats (or 50) per day, working out, and eating fantastically (which means a lot of eggs, chicken, veggies, and oats— I'm like a horse.) Beach season is coming up!

I'm in love with this sheer V-neck bodysuit I picked up at New York & Co! It's so feminine and versatile. Of course, my camel coat is my faithful Pinky & Dianne from Japan. Today is probably the last day I can wear it this year because the weather has finally gotten too warm. T.T

Here is my shameless endorsement of the best coffee shop in town! I love Michelangelo's in Norman. Not only is it the most comfortable, inviting atmosphere, but the owners are just marvelous people as well. If you've never been there, skip to it! You'll thank me later.

I can't get enough of my favorite Kate Spade purse. It fits all my stuff whilst keeping its sleek flat shape.

Cole Haan sunnies with my minimalist temporary tattoo earrings again. Each pair stays on for about a week. Grab some for yourself here!

Here are my new classic leather pumps. I feel like my search for them has been a never-ending quest. Hopefully these are "the ones." Time will tell.

On another note, I took all the photos in this post by myself, with the self timer (no remote... just running back and forth like a maniac, in heels, in the alley)! You can see the tripod in my sunglasses photo... ^_^; It was a bit tricky to get the focus right, but I'm learning. I decided to give my poor husband a break from forced photography servitude... see the accurate video below (which he kindly sent me.) See you later buds!

BODYSUIT | PANTS | COAT (buttonless version here) | BAG | HEELS | SUNGLASSES | BELT

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