The Satellites are Falling

2:19 AM

Casual shopping look for a chilly Saturday... I have so many new favorites to show you.

First off, following the death of Threadflip, I was devastated... but then decided put away the tissues and try Vinted and Poshmark. I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised... they get lots of action! I can't even count how many sales/swaps I've done so far in just a few weeks. Plus, browsing all the feeds for the perfect something is quite addicting.

WELL, this amazing jacket was one of my swaps! The brand is "Zapa", which I at first thought was a Zara knockoff, but I was perplexed because the quality of the jacket was tooo good! After much research, I discovered that Zapa was actually founded a few years before Zara but only has 45 stores exclusively in France and Belgium. They tend to be higher quality, and more expensive than Zara. Very interesting... I feel so special that my new jacket has such an exotic background!

If you're wondering why it looks like I was sprung out of a medieval jail, let me introduce you to the fabulously chic Simply everybody's wearing these bracelets, yo! I fell instantly in love with them the second I saw them glittering up their IG feed. (If you want the cheaper version that will take awhile to arrive, look here. You're welcome.)

As for my amazing rings... they are also inspired by thpshop, but I MADE these! Aren't I good?

After prowling the internet for months (maybe even years), I finally came upon these Sam Edelman dream booties. They are perfect, great quality, and go with everything. I could wear them every day of my life!

Just a simple blush bag, big enough to carry all my goodies but small enough not to give me shoulder spasms.

My metal allergies are going cookoo these days, which means no earrings for me whatsoever. During this broken-heart season I've turned to the magic of my Tatzarazzi line of temporary tattoo earrings. They stay on for days, and I've designed several gorgeous minimalist shapes for you to enjoy! Order a pack today and try them out! (These are also great if you are doing some type of activity [like sports] that prohibits you from wearing jewelry safely.)

Let's enjoy the last few chilly days instead of complaining... the sweltering summer will be here before we know it. Cheers!


Check out some more J-approved leather jackets below!

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  1. I love your outfit! I like how the pop of pink brings the outfit together :) I was wondering if you the name of the bag? I've been searching for it for the longest:( thank you!!!

    1. Thanks Marilou! Sorry I don't know the name of the style... only that it's Steve Madden. I haven't been able to find it online either! :(