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9:21 PM

It's hard to believe how such a little thing like a capsule wardrobe could change your life. I truly feel like my life is transformed these days in every area... not just fashion! Who would have thought that one of the keys to happiness is not incessantly buying more and more, but getting rid of all the junk you have so you can properly see what treasures lie beneath.

These basic pieces: skinny jeans, a striped tee, pretty bag, and black heels... I believe they make any outfit stand out louder than the gaudiest fashion. I'm always on the lookout for pieces like these of better quality... but I'm not in a mad rush to find them. When I do, I'll let go of something I currently own to make room.

I feel like I finally became an adult and am fashion-ing responsibly!

I got rid of all the jewelry that didn't mean much to me and only held onto key pieces... like this beautiful "J" necklace that really belongs to my mom. (I'll give it back someday, I promise!)

I found this gorgeous springy Kate Spade at a great deal second hand (it was hardly touched!) so I bought it and then turned around and sold my previous Kate Spade... and came out of the deal $30 ahead. Now I'm richer, and have a bag that I love even more than the one I had before.

I always like keep specials things I have found on my travels. This eagle ring I made out of a vintage medallion I picked up from a Turkish antiques dealer in Vienna... and the other stacked ring my sister brought back from her trip to Thailand. It was hand-made by a village of women who wear a bigger version of those rings on their necks!

The last time I went to Tokyo, I saw some Diana fringe heels that made me almost have a seizure, but I couldn't afford them. Sooooo, I bought some fringe and vintage earrings (off eBay) and spruced up a standard pair of patent Nine West heels I had. Instant drama!

Have a lovely week ahead! It's almost spring!


Other minimalist faux fur I currently love:

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  1. Very good combination B-W. Those stripes gives it a lot! I like it.

    1. Thank you dear Magdalena. What an utterly beautiful name you have. :) Have a great day!