Prepare for Ascension

2:08 PM

No sooner did I make the switch to monochrome-only, when I spied this bright red embroidered A-line midi skirt on one of my thrift shop raids. I had a yes-no dance over several minutes, picking it up and then putting it back, but then finally the YES side won out. I'm so glad it did... I think this dress is simply exquisite. What do you think?

I think the contrast between the ladylike dress and the edgy bound cuffs is interesting. Also, this BGBG Maxazria turtleneck is the comfiest I've ever worn, and very forgiving of imperfect zones too! I simply adore it.

All pulled together under the warmth of my this season's star: my Pinky & Dianne coat from Japan. (They have other colors available on the site too... like blush, white, and black... please excuse me while I go faint)

This embroidery though! I'm one lucky bug.

Also, I'm grateful to my aunt who gifted me these sweet red pumps... the perfect way to finish off my ensemble.

Have a fabulous week!

COAT: Pinky & Dianne | SHIRT: BCBG Maxazria | DRESS: Handmade | SHOES: Jessica Simpson | BRACELETS | RINGS: Handmade (similar here, and the motherlode of options here.) Hint: buy F21 jewelry at the website... you'll never find them in store, and stores don't carry all the products on the site.

J's selection of her favorite A-line skirts... the shortcut to ladylike sophistication!

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