I've Traveled 6,000 Miles 30,000 Feet Just To See You

3:16 PM

Hello everyone!

Today I'm sporting this bright white pencil skirt and fluffy caramel crop sweater. Like I said last time, minimal colors are a shortcut to sophistication. It works for every area of life! Try it! Black x white x neutral = LIFE.

Both my sweater and chic envelope clutch are rentals from Le Tote. I'd like to add that Le Tote is also LIFE. Can you imagine having Christmas gifts for yourself every week or so? That's what Le Tote is. Treat yo self!

In my minimalism spree, I threw out all the accessories and jewelry that I felt ho-hum about. I have now worked hard to acquire just a few key pieces which I love aesthetically and functionally. Here, I'm wearing all my recent faves. (See my new favorite Korean jewels shop here!)

I'm also super pleased that open rings are all the rage these days. They ensure a perfect fit, without making it look like you used 25 cents at the gumball machine.

BARBELL BRACELET (bigger barbell version here, gold version here, rose gold here) | BOUND RING | OPEN CLOVER RING | BOUND CUFF BRACELET

I also got rid of all my earrings which either didn't have meaning, or I couldn't wear because of my severe metal allergies. This sweet minimalist pair I got via Etsy from a Belgian teacher who makes jewelry in her spare time. Isn't that an utterly lovely story? I feel like I don't need any other adornments for my ears besides this sleek pair. Amazingly, the metal is also ok for my sensitive ears.

Check out her store and grab an extremely reasonably-priced pair ($7 yo!) for yourself!

My sunglasses are from Zero UV. Whilst I'm saving my money to buy a very worthy pair from a worthy brand (dreaming of rose-colored Chloé sunnies), I'm quite happy with the styles offered by Zero UV. I learned about this site from one of my favorite fashion blogs, The Daileigh.

My power heels from last time are doing quite well. I did quite a bit of running for this photo shoot, so I feel like they past the initial test. Hopefully the leather will keep molding to my feet until they're utterly perfect for me.

Proof of the running...

I'm woefully pale in all these photos, but I decided this time to just embrace my skin color like everyone else is doing these days. It's nothing to be ashamed of, and in some countries people like pale skin the best. Everyone wants what they don't have, but I feel like part of growing up past the age of 30 has taught me to be grateful and thankful and to see the beauty in everything I've been given.

Have a fabulous rest of the week!


SWEATER | SKIRT | HEELS | CLUTCH | SUNGLASSES (sold out! Similar ones here and here) | EARRINGS

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