God Loves the Aliens

11:56 PM

Hi friends,
I hope you're enjoying gorgeous weather and glorious sunshine! We haven't even had tornadoes yet, which is shocking in central Oklahoma. (We'll probably have one tomorrow just because I said that.) :O

Today I'm wearing this fun gray zip sweater with a humongous flaring puff collar. I got it in Japan this past October when I visited. As always, I packed too light and ended up freezing, so I "had to" buy something warm. It's now one of my official faves!

Here's my newest acquisition: this sweet little Michael Kors crossbody. I'm not that into MK, so I didn't intend to keep it long, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how sweet this little bag is. It's just the right size for my essential stuff, but small enough that I forget it's there. I'm also enamored of the angular, envelope-like shape.

As per usual, my essential rings set.

Hope all of you have a great weekend!


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