I Chopped My Hair Off!

5:35 PM

I'm no stranger to chopping off my hair, but this time I really am trying to let it grow. However sometimes you have to take one step backward and two forward because the growing-out stage is so extremely awkward!

Well, how do you like my middle-stage bob? I think it's nice and sweet and simple. I always have my hair done by the BEST person in Norman: Mike @ Behind the Scene. There's no reason why everyone in this entire region of the country shouldn't drive up to have him do your hair. His skill, enthusiasm, and understanding of current trends is a total treasure! Go and tell him I sent you. <3

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love your blog and chic style. Do you do sports? You have such a great figure :O I'm going to add your blog to my Bloglovin! :)