Fierce Lamb x Gamiss Collaboration II

12:17 PM

I love to find pieces that are versatile, so that I can wear them over and over again with nobody suspecting I only have like 4 summer shirts! I think this off-shoulder soft gray top from Gamiss is going to be one of my new faves.

You may be thinking: there's no way you could go an entire day without awkwardly tugging and pulling this delicately perched-on-the-shoulder type fit every 8 seconds so it doesn't fall off. But no! Behold! It actually magically stays in place all day. Plus, it's super flattering and comfy and soft. I didn't even expect that.

Today I've paired this wondrous shirt with a fluffy white skirt. Tomorrow I might pair it with high-waisted jeans or even overalls! (Figure of speech tomorrow of course... I promise I launder my clothes.)

This sweetly patterned purse is from Japan, and was a gift from one of my best friends. It's shockingly roomy and 100% magnif. (I paired it here with a very formal outfit.)

No crazy jewels today, just a single skinny gold bangle...

... Other than my earrings. I'm obsessed with this minimal style of earring these days. I have one pair in black, the other in gold. They go with absolutely anything from the most casual to the most formal. Adore.

Hope you like my choker. I made it form a bit of elastic, ehehe. Super easy and quick.

Yes I know, my hair isn't quite long enough for the puffy doughnut! ;( Maybe someday.

These sweet, simple sandals are also from Gamiss. I was really surprised with how puffy and comfortable they were. I'm going to a street fair tonight, and I plan to wear them and walk all over Norman. That's how confident I am in their comfort level!

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· SHIRT Try a black version here.
· SHOES, also available in blue, purple, and apricot.
· EARRINGS Try the silver version too, all handmade in Belgium!

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