We Like to Love Till We Cry

6:42 PM

This was the dress I chose for the swanky Taste of Western event in Oklahoma City. I loooooooove to dress up, but sadly I don't get a chance to go to many fancy events here in Norman. So if ever one comes along, you can be certain I'll seize it to theeee max!

I've never worn a long dress to an evening event before and was dying to try. I shopped online like craze until I found this lilac stunner on Threadflip. It's by H&M... I didn't realize they made fancywear. Anyways, I had credit in my account so I snatched it UP. FOR FREE. That cannot be beaten, frans. Don't you heart the fabric texture?

With such a subdued (colorwise) look, I knew I could carry a more bold purse. This gorgeous thing was a gift from one of my besties in Japan. It's meant to be carried on formal occasions with a kimono! The colors happened to go perfectly with my outfit.

During other more important duties, I often googled "celebrity nude dress" and came up with some inspiring results for jewelry. (I also came up with some results that cannot be shown, I guess because of the word "nude.") But the thing I noticed was that there were quite a few low-on-the-arm-party looks. Not too much jewelry. Just a few fab statement pieces. Hmmmmmm, I like it. That's why the only jewelry I'm wearing are these lovely earrings that I got from F21 eons ago.

 And for shoes, my old faithful companions, these lovelies from Antonio Melani. Comfy as can be for a night of walking and eating and walking and eating some more. I'm sure I was 13 pounds heavier by the end of the night so non-deadly shoes were key.

 See you again soon! Bai!

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