Switching Seats on the Titanic

6:04 PM

I thought it was about time for a "summerish" and "casual" outfit since I often tend to get obsessed with only wearing dressy-dresses here! What do you think about my laid-back look?

I'm honestly not a huge fan of the boho/off-shoulder/blousy cut top trend of 2016. I feel like unless you know what you're doing, you can quickly look like a giant puffball whose shirt is three sizes too huge. However I knew I should try it at least once, so here I am trying it!

I've liked FURLA a lot for quite awhile, because I think the pieces are unique and grown-up, and not many people carry it here. I also had a great experience visiting their store on 5th Ave in NYC... the salesman was really friendly (as a salesman should be!) and I even got a glass of champagne. That sealed my love. So here is my newest sweetly understated Furla tote.

No crazy monogram fabric, no gaudy giant letter attachments... I like this bag's quiet confidence. She knows she is quality, so she doesn't have to shout it. (I want to be like her.)

I really wanted a hat that doubled as a beach hat (to shield my face so I don't get freckles) AND a fancy derby-type hat. I thought this black and white one was striking and classy. I love it! I can't wait to pair it with a sophisticated skirt.

And, big shiny glasses from Zero UV. Too fun, though I felt a bit like "Kevin" on "Sin City". Hopefully my head isn't severed from my body (isn't that what happened to him? Can't quite remember.)

Last thing... I love the gladiator trend. These sandals are so comfy... I do feel like I could follow some Roman tribune (ehehe) on a mission through rough terrain with these! I need a spear! Time to fight! 

Anyways... have a fabulous weekend, guys! It's almost fall!

· TOP (sold out) similar here
· BAG (similar)
· HAT (sold out) similar here and here

Here is a collection of some off-shoulder tops that actually look comfy enough to wear, and that don't make you look like a hot air balloon!

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