The Pawn and King Both in the Same Box

1:52 PM

Who says you can't wear black in summer? I'm in love with my recent find in a NYC Thrift shop. It's a vintage dress but I'm afraid the brand is a mystery as the tag has been cut out. The only thing I know is that it says "Made in New York." I'll take it!

The other news (for me) is that I now own these sweet Christian Louboutin pumps! They are a bit of an older style, but unfortunately I can hardly stand (much less walk) in the newest chicest "So Kate." So these will be a great way for me to practice and work up to a pair of So Kates.

And here's another new thing: this khaki Henri Bendel bag! I got it at Fashion Show in Las Vegas, always my favorite mall in town. I got it as a reward to myself for spending the last few weeks prior painting a mural in Newark Airport in New Jersey. It was hard work but worth it!

I'm very picky about sunglasses because I'm so sensitive about how they sit on my face! I'm also in love with Chloé ever since I saw my bestie wearing Chloé glasses! ;) So here is my newest acquisition. I like the visible, yet un-gaudy details on the sides.

This vintage dress will be worn for years to come. Next time I go to NYC, all the thrift shops in Manhattan are on my list to visit!

DRESS: Vintage | BAG: Henri Bendel | SHOES: Christian Louboutin (sold out) Bronze version here. Black here. Similar here. | SUNGLASSES: Chloé | EARRINGS: Forever 21

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