When We Were Young

8:47 PM

 I realized I haven't done a "strong" style in quite awhile, so here's one for today! I was inspired by this photo below of my fave Janelle Monae wearing all white and black suspenders. Isn't she crisp?

Leopard is getting his face squeeshed!

I also made a poufy top-hair just like Janelle! ;) Well... not as magnificent of course. This is the full extent of my Japanese straight hair. T.T I like my earrings because they are like sharp rock star daggers.

Glad you could join my arm party! Feat. my favorite treasure, my vintage British paratrooper wing-ring.

 And my terrifically neon yellow envelope clutch! I don't know why I'm Muscle Max in this pic... creepy. But I hope you like the bag.

I was about to fly away in this pic... either because of my sweet sneakers, or because of the 700 new mosquito bites that were in progress. Sorry it's blurry.

Shirt: Ross
Shorts: Old, I forgot where I got them.
Suspenders: Image
Sunnies & accessories: F21
Shoes: from a garage sale!

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