Don't Choose, Be Chosen

3:14 PM

I love dresses that have at least some type of structure. It's an easy way to look crisp & neat at any angle without worrying about weird wrinkles making you look fat or creepily-shaped.

 I'm also a fiend for floral, a sucker for light pink / baroque-style, and enamored with flare dresses... so all that = Julie walking out the shop with this new purcha$se. Since it's über-comfy and machine washable, I can foresee myself wearing it all the time.

Who doesn't love a gathered Coach purse? I'm always drawn to interesting textures. This bag is a little droopier than I expected though, so I only use it when I'm wearing somethings structured. Or else I'd look like Miss Hippie Flowy-Droops being assaulted by gravity.

I also hope you love my gun ring because I do. Guns & flowers are always a good combo!

Look look look! This is the keypoint of my outfit! My hand-sewn ANKLE BOWS! Do you heart? I got the idea from seeing this post by Annabelle at Viva Luxury. She's always so perfect and gorgeous in every single way, and I wanted to be cute like her... but I can't affode $215 shoes! So instead I used my craftiness. Now I can dress up ANY pair of heels with these bows. You don't know how many compliments I get around town. I have never seen these sold anywhere, either. So you can just call these a Julie invention! Huzzah! (I am going to open a store and start selling them soon.) I'm being serious.

And, the other wonderful thing is these new white heels I got from selling clothes on Threadflip. I like to keep my "credit" in there after selling clothes, so I can cash out on fantastic finds like these. The slingback helps keep the heels nice and tight so they don't pop off my feet. Try signing up today for free and see if you like it!

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Guess Hondo Heels via Threadflip
Ankle Bows: Handmade
Bag: Coach. Buy this one here!
Jewelry: Forever 21, Body Central, & eBay

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