Sing It Louder

5:29 PM

Back to Gary Barlow song lyrics again. I'm not sure if there's anything nicer than driving with your windows down on a pleasant day singing with "Sing" with all your heart! That choir lifts the spirits in such a dramatic way.

Today's fash is a casual office look. I contrasted this very busy top with the plain black shorts and pastel bag, shoes, and earrings! The braided leather belt adds another unexpected touch of fun.

I'm still loving this Coach Bleecker Mini Riley that I got awhile ago. It's surprisingly large and so so sweet! I'm addicted to small crossbody bags.

I am rejoicing because NOW I CAN WEAR DANGLY EARRINGS! I ordered these resin hooks all the way from Japan because I simply COULD NOT find them on any English site in the whole world. The only ones I've found in English searches are tiny plastic ones. And even THEY make my ears hurt.

So, sometimes the ability to understand another language is immensely helpful. I typed my search in in Japanese, and there they were on (Still a bit hard to find!)

I guess I should have posted something more 4th-of-July-ish, or a fireworks-watching outfit, but I simply forgot about that. Uhuuuu, sorry! I hope it's this cool on the 4th. The weather is simply marvelous this year! Well done, Oklahoma.

Shirt: NY & Co
Shorts: Thrifted & altered
Bag: Coach
Belt: from an Arden B dress via Ross
Jewelry: Vintage & Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21

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