War & Roses

10:50 PM

Today, I went for the ever-popular "military inspired" look, except these wondrously puffy riding jodphurs are actual vintage WWII (I think) US Army officer's breeches. I'd been dying to get some after watching some historic dramas. Those side-flaring puffs are just marvelous, don't you think?! I was lucky enough to find this pair at a military surplus store in Del City, Oklahoma.

This splendid belt belonged to my grandfather, along with the holster. 

I can't remember where I got the jacket, but since it was a bit plain, I blagged some pretty epaulettes from a vile dress and sewed them on to the shoulders, problem solved.

Everyone should have a pair of black boots in their closet. They are so versatile and simply never go out of style. These ones I got as a gift and are really soft leather. The quality is so good, and they polish up handsomely. It's good to make an investment for something as useful as riding boots!

AND OF COURSE, My newest fave accessory is not an accessory really at all. It's my to-die-for-gorgeous wood handled Walther PPK! I am in love with this gun in every possible way. It feels like a dream to hold, feels like a dream to shoot, and easy to carry. It's even easy to clean and strip. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! OK. I will try to calm down. Shhhhh, take it easy, myself.

If you guys are on Lookbook, please give me some hypes! <3 Julie

Jacket: Altered by J.
Pants: Brigadoon Army Surplus
Shirt: Forever 21. (Buy it here for $12!)

Boots: Michelle D. Similar ones here

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