Retro Swimsuit Style

8:34 PM

If a girl has an upcoming beachy vacation, you can be sure she'll go on the prowl for a brand new swimsuit for the occasion. This usually involves tons of online shopping and a Pinterest board called "Dream Swimsuits." 

I've always had a hard time shopping for swimsuits because my taste is so extremely particular... let's see, I need: a retro-ish style, full(er) coverage, simple colors, no pattern, removable straps, comfort, and a shape that flatters my flat, wide-at-the-shoulders body shape. I was leery of buying a swimsuit online, without being able to try it on.

However, when I came across this gorgeous piece from Nanette Lepore, I was utterly spellbound. From that moment on, I had no control over what my fingers typed into my keyboard.

I just had to take the plunge! Sadly, this particular swimsuit wasn't being made anymore, so I Googled like crazy until I was able to locate a top at and a bottom on eBay. I was so excited when the pieces came in... they were perfect. My favorite swimsuit I've ever owned. And due to my super online searching, I got a nice discount on the price! Nice one, J!

The cloth is very thick, layered, and of great quality. I love the subtle texture pattern, too. I'm  not even sure if this swimsuit is black, or dark navy blue (one of my new fave colors.) What a mystery you are, Nanette Lapore suit!

And of course, this beach (close to Waimea Bay) was incredible. The waves were extremely wild and it was windy, but still soooo fun. Look at it!

And with that, it's the end of my Hawaii fashion posts. Boo, sad! Oh well, anytime that I'm down, I'll try to remember this glorious scene from Waimea. Aloha, Hawaii! Thank you for the wonderful time.

Swimsuit: Nanette Lepore via here and here. Necklace: Forever 21. Sunglasses: Target.

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  1. LOVE the retro swimsuit. i can't pull that off but you look perfect :)

    xoxo hobovogue ღ

    1. Haha thanks, but I'm sure you could wear one too. I'm kind of dying over the clothes combos on your blog... fantastic! Followed on Bloglovin'! >.<