Roaring Red in Hawaii

10:08 PM

I just got back from 11 days in Hawaii! I sincerely miss the perfect weather, the vivid lush colors, the mysterious jungle noises, and of course— the sunlit beaches. We stayed on the North Shore, and this spectac mountain range was something we commonly drove by daily. I was dying to photograph my bright red dress against those verdant green hills. I think this shoot turned out quite fiercely.

I am a maniacally obsessive vacation packer. I have a million lists and pack super light, but try to bring pieces which are flexible and can be worn in various ways. This red dress I brought along because it's un-wrinkle-able, very flattering, and even has a cute peekaboo cutout (air conditioning for hot weather) in the back. I felt like it could be dressed up or down, but in these photos I'm dressing it up with a pair of golden heels. Still, good lord, those mountains stole the scene. They were absolutely breathtaking!

I bought these amazing bone earrings at a random shop along the North Shore highway. I almost lost my mind in there... it was a treasure trove of extraordinary Polynesian and Asian antiques... no ordinary tourist shop! Wow! I wanted to buy the entire shop.

A fabulous friend gave me this clutch for Christmas. It's genuine leather, and my she watched them sew and stamp it together in Rome, Italy! I didn't mind reducing my purse contents so that I could carry this sweet pochet everywhere. I'm addicted to it now.


And the true star of today's show, the Hawaiian mountains in green and smoky gray.

Dress: Prime Cut via Ross. Earrings: Bone earrings from North Shore shop. Purse: Leather purse from Rome, Italy. Shoes: Forever 21. Bracelet: Forever 21.

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  1. Wow, spectacular post! I love everything, and it's all so unique--not everyone gets to do a Hawaii photoshoot, and the bone earrings are so cool yet elegant and definitely aren't commonly in any store.

    1. Thanks Ewika! They had lots more bone earrings to choose from. It took me like 10 minute to decide and I started feeling sort of spare because it was right in front of the shop lady's gaze. That store was AMAZING! It said "Unusual beads" on the front, but I didn't know it was going to have THAT much unusual stuff!

  2. Amazing photos !
    I like this outfit :)
    Kisses <3

    1. Thank you! How nice a comment from someone as fabulous as you. <3