Fly or Die.

3:04 PM

Today I am wearing the tomboy-est tomboy fashion possible. I really feel comfortable this way, and as I've got lots of little errands around the metro area I thought it'd be best to keep stress low. [Running around town grocery shopping in heels is hard work! Though I know many hardcore fabulous girls do it with flair.]

If you don't know about OKC-based band Group Fly, then you should know. I love the graphic, urban quality of their brand, with the fact that their members do things with excellence and love for their community. Why can't everyone be like this? You've got to check them out online and visit their new sleek flagship store, The Hangar. It was pimped out by my best buddy Jerrod Smith. I'm an awful friend because I haven't been there to see it yet, but I hear it's based on the theme of the Tuskegee Airmen, which I think is sooooo uber-cool. I must go soon!

With this awesome tee I paired a vintage rosary from Mexico, given to me by a good friend. (Actually I may just have taken it from her and asked permission later...uhuhu)

I've been on the hunt for the perfect distressed, slouchy jeans for awhile now. Amazingly I found this pair on sale at Kohl's for $14. Add to that my handy $10 Kohl's cash, and these wondrous pantaloons were just $4. Holla!

 "Fly or Die." The coolest tagline ever. Because that's how I feel about many things.

Guess what, this amazing vintage belt is my grandpa's old belt. I'm so glad that I'm able to wear it with pride and give it another life. The carvings are so intricate and the worn leather is beautiful.

Shirt: Group Fly
Hoodie: Ezekiel via Ross
Jeans: Mudd via Kohl's
Boots: Dollhouse via Ross
Hat: Forever 21 Men's
Belt & necklace: Vintage

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