Tango Zebra Tango

2:52 PM

Stripes are such an almighty trend this season... on Saturday I went to Forever 21, and half the upstairs was a sea of black and white stripes!

I have a love / hate relationship with stripes. I love the boldness, but have a hard time finding a pattern that is flattering. I always end up looking like a hugely fat vintage prisoner! Alas, the numerous pitfalls of wearing black and white stripes.

Maybe the key for me is something like this wonderful shirtdress. The stripes are very wide, and vertical. It's quite slimming, and the pockets keep the outfit from looking too referee-like.

I also paired this bright red necklace to inject some much-needed color.

Dress & necklace: Body Central
Shoes: Payless (almost the same one here for even cheaper!)
Bag & bracelet: Forever 21

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