Little Boy Blue

1:15 PM

I'm in a tomboy mood today. I love simple, well-fitting button-up collard shirts... they make me feel so cool and fancy. Both my shirt AND shorts today are from a thrift shop. I sewed them both to fit me and I love them!

Are you in love with this bowtie? You should be! My uber-talented friend Lindsay created it. Check out her bowties.

My boater hat I ordered from eBay at a cheap price. All in all I feel great wearing this look!

Top & shorts: via Goodwill. Bowtie: Lindsay Choi Designs. Boater Hat: via eBay (similar one on Amazon here.) Shoes: Nature Breeze via Amazon (they only have a blue pair now.) Bracelet: via Kohl's. Earring: $1 Jewelry Galore.

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