Russian Girl

5:43 PM

When I travel in Japan, people there often ask me if I'm Russian. It's funny to hear that consistently because I am not Russian in any way (although that would be cool!) I am 1/4 Caucasian (with Welsh ancestry) and 3/4 Japanese.

However, today my outfit made me feel like a Russian girl, especially with the big furry hat + all the snow around!

I am thrilled to introduce you to my new camel coat. I've wanted one ever since I spied they were going to be the winter trend this year. The gorgeous taupe color goes with anything!

You won't believe where I got this one... it was $5 at a Japanese thrift shop called Mode Off. It was slightly too baggy so I had it altered for $35. When I googled the brand, I found these coats sell for $800 - $1000+! I say, well done to my own little self! Or maybe I can say "Отлично!" Ehehehe...

This warm furry hat was a gift from some lovely friends in Tokyo. I hope they like how I wore it today!

The beading on this dress is my favorite. I feel like I could wear it to a fun winter wonderland party.

I've wanted thigh-high boots ever since I saw Olga Kurylenko (a Ukranian girl!) wear them on "Max Payne" paired with a silky red mini dress. These ones I got are nice and soft, but were a bit too baggy and kept slouching down. To fix, I sewed a tight elastic inside and now they stay up. Winning again!

I hope you all make the most of your winter outfits too!

Coat: Pinky & Dianne
Dress: Va Va Voom
Hat: Honey Salon by Foppish
Boots: Qupid
Ring: $1 Jewelry Galore!

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