Maybe You

4:26 PM

Today is a quiet, rainy Sunday. I've been seeing so many cute maxi looks lately so I'm giving this dress another try, even though it's not my usual style.

I'm in love with this Coach Gathered satchel that I got recently. Since it's so marvelously textured, I kept my dress and tank top simple.

This sweet little "J" necklace belongs to my mother. (I just decided to borrow it indefinitely... without really asking... oops. I'm sure it's ok...) She is a J too. Yay! I like to pair big chunky necklaces with something tiny and subtle.

Look who wanted to be featured on today's post! >.<

On another note, my stomach feels sick right now after reading some breaking tragic, disgusting news. I won't be one of those social media fakely-sad drama queens that spouts useless, cliched online condolences...because I am aware that I'll never truly know the real anguish that the families and department are feeling right now. I just have them in my thoughts and prayers like mad today, and someday I hope I could somehow do something to stop one of these incidents going down. 

Sorry, very somber and has nothing to do with fashion blogging... that's just what I'm thinking of today, especially since I will visit LV soon.

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