Upon the Greenest Grass They Laugh and Grow

10:08 PM

Yes, every title for every one of my posts lately is from Gary Barlow's recent album because I am a Gary-loving fiend and I don't care! Waaaah! >.<

Anyway, my fash: this pretty green dress I got for FREE at Threadflip.com because I had enough site credit from referring friends. Isn't that brilliant?! It fit me perfectly. Huzzah! (I also got another purple polka-dot dress for free and it was supercute, but alas I couldn't fit into it. :'(

I talked before about pairing expensive items with non-expensive ones to get a fashionable look at a reasonable price. I'm doing it again today. This dress is originally from Target, but upon inspection the quality seemed pretty good (nice thick cloth, even stitching) so I deemed it worthy to pair with this new sweet Coach bag! Hopefully my entire look is cohesively sophisticated! ^_^;

Dress: Merona via Threadflip.com
Bag: Coach (buy mine here!)
Shoes: Dexter via Payless (similar one here for cheaper!)
Jewelry & sunglasses: Forever 21

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