St. Patrick's Day Look: Veritas | Aequitas

4:27 PM

It's almost St. P's Day so I had to choose green, but I also wanted to feature this supercool gun bag I just bought! It seemed like the only common denominator would be "Boondock Saints." Hence the title. My brain is amazing.

I think ruched details can look old style very quickly if you're not careful. But I think this sophisticated pattern def. passed the test! I paired my festive green with good old Leprechaun-approved gold.

On to the main event, this extremely cool gun bag / clutch. Is it really possible for Julie to see such a thing and not own it? I don't think so.

And then, just an easy nude wedge pump just to avoid being too matchy-matchy with the blacks. Someday I wish I could graduate to a fancier nude pump, but my odd feet size (I must be like 7.75) makes it almost impossible to find something that my feet won't pop out of. Oh well. I'll keep looking.

Hope you enjoyed my fash! Be safe on St. Patrick's Day and don't start any fights!

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